RProducts Acquires to Pioneer Next-Generation Workplace Wellness

Merging the power of AI with holistic wellness, RProducts is thrilled to announce its acquisition of, a leader in workplace wellness and fitness consulting. This strategic acquisition paves the way for an integrated approach to health, bringing together advanced technology and comprehensive wellness solutions.

Founded in 2009, has championed corporate wellness programs, offering businesses tailored wellness solutions and real-time fitness tracking. With RProducts’ cutting-edge AI capabilities, the combined strength will propel the development of innovative tools and resources for businesses and individuals alike.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition:

  1. Synergy of Tech and Wellness: RProducts’ AI technology will enhance’s platform, enabling even more personalized and dynamic wellness solutions for businesses.
  2. Expanded Offerings: Clients of both entities will benefit from a broader range of services, from AI-driven product comparisons and reviews to access to a vast network of fitness and wellness providers.
  3. Global Outreach:’s global presence, from the US to China and from Poland to the UK, combined with RProducts’ technological prowess, positions the merged entity as a formidable leader in the global wellness market.

Statements from the Leadership:

CEO of RProducts commented, “With the acquisition of, we’re not only expanding our reach but are also driving forward our vision where advanced technology seamlessly integrates with holistic wellness. This union will undeniably transform how businesses approach employee well-being.”

Founder of remarked, “The future of wellness lies at the intersection of personalized solutions and technological advancement. We’re excited to embark on this new chapter with RProducts and together redefine the wellness landscape.”

About RProducts: stands at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and holistic wellness. With advanced AI, RProducts offers in-depth product comparisons and reviews, guiding users in their journey to optimal health. With its mission to blend technology and well-being, RProducts provides unparalleled insights into health products and solutions.

About is a frontrunner in the fitness and wellness concierge sector, specializing in workplace wellness. Since 2009, the platform has been instrumental in assisting companies in crafting dynamic wellness programs, connecting them with top-tier fitness and wellness providers.