RProducts Acquires RxFacts.org to Elevate Evidence-Based Drug Information

Building upon its commitment to fuse advanced technology with holistic wellness, RProducts is excited to announce its acquisition of RxFacts.org, the Independent Drug Information Service (iDiS). This acquisition solidifies RProducts’ dedication to providing evidence-based, non-commercial information to healthcare practitioners.

Since its inception, RxFacts.org has been a beacon for physicians seeking the latest, unbiased findings about the drugs they prescribe. The platform stands apart, with no affiliations to pharmaceutical companies, ensuring its commitment to genuine, non-partisan content.

Key Takeaways from the Acquisition:

  1. Expertise Meets Innovation: The team of professionals that powers RxFacts.org will be complemented by RProducts’ state-of-the-art AI technology to deliver unparalleled drug information.
  2. Expanding the Horizon: With RProducts’ acquisition, the potential for RxFacts.org to serve a broader community and make a global impact becomes ever more promising.
  3. Reinforcing Non-bias: This acquisition underscores RProducts’ commitment to unbiased, evidence-based health and wellness content.

Statements from Leadership:

CEO of RProducts shared, “Incorporating RxFacts.org into our portfolio solidifies our promise of delivering unbiased, cutting-edge health information. Together, we’ll shape a future where healthcare professionals are equipped with the best drug-related data, free from commercial influence.”

About RProducts:

RProducts.org is a nexus where cutting-edge technology meets holistic wellness. Harnessing advanced AI, RProducts offers in-depth product comparisons and reviews, guiding users towards optimal health. Their ethos revolves around merging technology with authentic wellness insights.

About RxFacts.org:

RxFacts.org, sponsored by the PACE Program of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, is an independent beacon in the realm of drug information. It serves as a non-commercial hub for physicians and healthcare professionals seeking unbiased data on prescription drugs. iDiS represents a trusted, non-partisan source for prescribers.